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Beware of fraudsters ripping off images from pinterest

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I have just become aware, because I did it myself as an experiment that if you post an image on a Pinterest board that the image can easily be copied and used without permission or payment. Yes it is pixilated at first but the resolution can be upsized and the image sharpened and you end up with a large usable copy for free. Yes you have the watermark on it but that just gives credence to it being a genuine image. The watermark should be in the middle of the image so the copier cannot get rid of it. That is how Photolibraries show them for the same reason.
I was appalled that in just a couple of clicks anyone can do this to one of my images. It also explains to me why an address in China has viewed one of my images almost 2000 times and has never bought even 1 copy.
I have removed all the 183 images I had on Pinterest until they work out how to stop these freeloading copiers ripping us off.
I suggest you should do the same